Sunday Thought: Earth Is Just One Option

Nothing inherently wrong with being “materialistic”. Just that the material world is only our temporary home. To pitch all bets on it, is just un-smart. If you look at the wide universe, the earth is just a speck of dust in the infinite creation of things. If you were to see the entire universe in one glance, you would be challenged to find earth in it, since it would be just so so so so small. Continue reading

Become Content

Most do not know when they have a good thing going for themselves. The mind is always discontent. Quiet the mind and become content. This applies to corporations as well, who have a constant attitude and hunger for more, more, more.

Maximise Your Pool – The Efficiency of Lane Swimming

535501252892893One of the concepts that is used worldwide in all community and club swimming pools and in India as well, is the concept of “specific lane swimming”. Specific lane swimming in fact maximizes the use of the swimming pool and more optimally uses every square footage/yardage of the pool area. Continue reading

Dustin Hoffman “I remember all my movies, but not my family growing up”

Dustin Hoffman

You can achieve everything, professionally and creatively, and still feel the emptiness at the end of your life. See what Dustin Hoffman has to say at 75 years of age. Which is why – just achievement, is like a one-sided coin, it does not exist; it has to have love, understanding and a larger context. We are often sucked into a rat race, which looks for validation, praise and a false sense of fulfillment based on achievement, monetary success or similar “outward” looking parameters. When pursuing just that, we buy into a “humanity created vortex” of what success is supposed to be (a mass mental creation we all buy into), and it’s not a true deep personal creation of self fulfillment. Let the worlds social systems not fool you.