Maximise Your Pool – The Efficiency of Lane Swimming

535501252892893One of the concepts that is used worldwide in all community and club swimming pools and in India as well, is the concept of “specific lane swimming”. Specific lane swimming in fact maximizes the use of the swimming pool and more optimally uses every square footage/yardage of the pool area. Continue reading

Dustin Hoffman “I remember all my movies, but not my family growing up”

Dustin Hoffman

You can achieve everything, professionally and creatively, and still feel the emptiness at the end of your life. See what Dustin Hoffman has to say at 75 years of age. Which is why – just achievement, is like a one-sided coin, it does not exist; it has to have love, understanding and a larger context. We are often sucked into a rat race, which looks for validation, praise and a false sense of fulfillment based on achievement, monetary success or similar “outward” looking parameters. When pursuing just that, we buy into a “humanity created vortex” of what success is supposed to be (a mass mental creation we all buy into), and it’s not a true deep personal creation of self fulfillment. Let the worlds social systems not fool you.


Can We Truly Relax?

Life sets up a certain momentum. This is often innocuous and unseen. You finish your education, you meet a girl or boy, get married (or not), get deeper into your career, get closer to your passion, begin to earn money and wealth, start increasing your circle of power, perhaps have children, get involved with their education, upbringing etc. and  you are up and away.

And then suddenly (not immediately) its  not you who are guiding your life, but the process of life itself that has taken over. Activities, thoughts, counter activities, social pressures, personal pressure etc. start ruling the day. Its akin to putting a plane into auto pilot mode. You have become the “doer”, simply doing things one after the other – incessantly – from personal, to career, to official, to community, to global. You are busily conducting your earthly affairs one after the other or even simultaneously; and suddenly, without any conscious knowledge, this “doer ship” begins to consume you. It consumes you to the extent, where you cannot “relax”, where you cannot take a moment to enjoy the birds that sing, the sun that shines or even the air you breath. Simple things that keep us happy and alive, are missed under the garb of “doer ship”. Our activities begin clouding, the real reason we were born – to be awake to each present moment of our life. Continue reading