Are You Addicted to Online News?

Image FileYou are working on an assignment, or perhaps a PowerPoint presentation and then suddenly you feel the urge to check your favorite newspaper website for the latest updated news. It could be the BBC, CNN, The Boston Globe, The Straits Times or the Times of India. The question is – do you really need to be constantly updated about somebody else’s take regarding the events happening in the world? Are your online news reading habits becoming an interruption to you, your work and the flow of your thoughts?

Now I do not blame the news providers for this, they are following and doing what they do best. The problem lies in our own mind and the habits we have created. We are addicted to news reading – or least a vast majority of business owners and professionals are. Earlier it was just the morning fix of news. But now with wireless internet coupled with laptop warriors around the place, it is continuous. You can keep checking the news 24 hours and keep reading endlessly about what is happening all over the world. The question is do we really need to know so much about everything? Continue reading